SME Services

Designing Your SME to Work Smarter

Free SME Consultation

As an SME ourselves we fully appreciate and understand this key growth market, and have created SME Services specifically tailored to meet the requirements of this sector.

When you start out in business it can be really daunting, you have your idea and your business plan and you know exactly what it is that you want to do. In some cases its a job you have been doing for others for many years, in other cases its something you have never done before but something you feel passionate about and know you must pursue it.

For the Start-up SME

When you have made up your mind and decide to go for it then we are here to help. To help you get things moving in the right direction we offer a  one time FREE Branding and Marketing consultation for all start up SME’s. At this consultation we will:

  • Go through your business idea
  • Examine your target market
  • Examine what your competitors are doing
  • Inform you about the importance of a strong brand and provide you with expert advice on how best you can hit the ground running as you enter into the market
  • Talk to you about government and other forms of funding you may qualify for in order to get your brand designed and online.

For the Growing SME

So you have been in business for a few years now and have got some traction, you have a place in the market, but you know you can do better. Mostly you did all your branding, design and marketing yourself, or through “the lad next door who has photoshop”, but again you know that to do better, you need better. We have the solution for you, a one time FREE Brand Audit Consultation. At this consultation we will:

  • Look at the promotional material you have used to date including your online presence.
  • Examine what has worked for you and what hasn’t
  • Examine what your competitors are doing better than you
  • Give you guidance and advice on how we can improve your branding and promotion.
  • Talk to you about government and other forms of funding you may qualify for in order to get your brand designed and online.


Wether you have a Startup or Growing SME we are here to help you, CALL 087-7689728 today to book your FREE NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION.